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Shape Search Engine

Fast Retrieve 3D models for the given saxs experimental profile

  The model retrieval and reconstructions will be done in about One Minute.
  Click Here to see the results based on lysozyme saxs profile.
  The models are superposed to PDB model 6lyz.

  Important! The unit for the scattering angle is Angstrom^(-1).
Email why?: SAXS profile *:


Database: Radius:
Compare to PDB Coordinate File:

*Format: ASCII file with columns [q i sigma]. For Example: lys.dat.
Try to Make clean saxs data, especially in low_q region.

Why Email?
(1) the shapeup program may give 'strange' results; if that happens, we will look at the data and models. If there is any improvement, we will contact you to update the models.
(2) The result link will be sent to you via this email.

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