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The Small Angle Scattering ToolBox

The Small Angle Scattering ToolBox (SASTBX) is a set of software routines that can be used to analyze SAXS data, build molecular shapes from SAXS data and further refine existing atomic models.

Whereas the user applications have easy command-line interfaces, the underlying libraries can be used as a basis for custom-build SAXS analyses routines. In line with the philosophy of CCTBX (computational crystallography toolbox) and the Phenix software, the toolbox has a hybrid architecture containing both Python and C++. The SASTBX is a subset of the CCTBX and has the same open source-type license.

Find out more

  • Tools : detailed explanations of tools included in this toolbox
  • Installation: A guide for sastbx installation
  • Tutorial: A brief tutorial to get familiar with the tools
  • Links: More resources about Small Angle Scattering and the Toolbox
  • Presentations: SASTBX talks
  • Publications: SASTBX papers
  • Galleries: SASTBX Pictures and Videos

About us

Peter Zwart

Haiguang Liu

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Some Examples for shapeup: shapeup results and more shapeup results

Overview of the toolbox

The implemented functions in the current release (v0.99, 2011 Nov):

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